Run Ninja Run Cheats

The world today has gone into the gaming arena online where there are numerous games that can attract people of different age groups today. Ninja run has gained existence because of the basic actions to play the game. The theme of the game is also very simple where you just attack your enemies and make the pass through to the final stage. However you may feel irritated when the game becomes incomplete and difficult to play. To avoid this Run Ninja Run Cheats are available that comes with cheat codes where you can enter into the game and beat it very easily. Every version of ninja comes with stylish moves with many attractive obstacles on your way where you must need new skills to perform the attack.

Run ninja run 3


Existing codes
There are different codes for each version of the game but some of the common cheat codes are being listed below. The various types of cheat menu under Run Ninja Run 2 are stated below.
Since you have to jump over many obstacles these cheat codes will be of great use to you for completing the game without any difficulty. When you wanted to gain some extra coins and upgrade to a better version then you can use the following codes.

EQUIP allows you to get gold
FFW allows you to play in fast forward mode
SLOW will make you to play in a slow motion mode
AWAY will give way to play alone without any enemies around.
To use all the cheats you must first play the initial level and when you get busted click for the switch level that comes under the upgrade menu and it will contain all the cheat codes listed which can help you to finish the game easily. You get into all the bending levels of the game easily where you must prepare yourself for the action ride and beat up all the levels.


Game sequence

The concept sometimes seems to be tiring sometimes but getting through the bugs and attacking the enemies is the ultimate goal. The cheat code can help you to overcome all the obstacles when you cannot upgrade to the next level. These game cheats are just like some review to the versions where you can beat up all the levels and make the game running. Performing the escape is actually hard because when there are two or more attackers the cheat codes will help you to finish the game successfully. The hint of the game will be given through the tutorial pop ups where you can walkthrough for the cheating codes.

When you collect for more and more gold bars the game gets tougher where they can be used as upgrades and avoid the enemies. When you make numerous attempts to precede the game and move to inconsistent heights then the cheat codes will be helpful to carry out the game easily. It is like puzzle solvers for your game when you cannot complete any level. Ever version of the game has different cheat codes and they take your game to the level you want. They give you proper demonstration to carry out the game and upgrade it without any issues.

New York Shark

’m pretty much a fan of anything that has the decency just to call itself exactly what it is; this way, I’m not massively disappointed when it fails to live up to its own title upon closer inspection. The infamous Snakes on a Plane, while not likely to break into even the top 500 of anyone’s great film lists, entailed the presence of snakes on a commercial flight and the hilarity that ensued: this is no less than what the title indicated, plus it had some of Samuel L Jackson’s finest lines to date (boy did he go blindly into that one). Snakes on a Plane therefore delivered no less, and in fact a lot more than the title suggests; New York Shark is fun little flash-based frolic that promises to do the same, and comes to us courtesy of the fun-loving fellows at Mausland.

Urban Chaos

New York Shark involves the controlling of a particularly mischievous shark that lurks in New-York waters along the lines of that appearing in the movie Jaws, is viewed from a cross-section of the water and is able to leap out of the water to create all sorts of havoc for the sailors, pilots and general population above. The extent of the shark’s mischievousness is entirely up to you as the player, since you control his movement with the directional arrows and make him clamp down his rows of teeth by pressing ‘A’ or ‘Ctrl’. The primary objective of the whole thing is to score many points as possible by creating as much needless (yet wildly entertaining) damage as is possible within the predetermined number of miles that you can travel in each round.


Citywide Panic

The mechanics of the whole thing are pretty much identical to the game’s counterpart Miami Shark in that you encounter various targets floating on the surface of the water and flying through the air; things like aeroplanes, helicopters and sailing boats are simply the norm for this shark-based series of games. New York Shark has actually managed to improve upon it predecessor, and with the move to the big city comes the introduction of some unique inclusions such as the Staten Island ferry, journeys through the docks and the destruction of its shipping containers. Furthermore, the hilarity is increased exponentially by the shark wearing sunglasses, battling with King Kong , occasional spins on a fruit machine and various bonuses including catching a baseball mid-air as one of the few ways to further rack up your points total.


Give New York Shark a go if you’re a fan of silly entertainment and enjoy being addicted to games. Make sure that you also revel in the not-so-subtle film reference with the occasional passing of the giant octopus.

Dad N Me: Rage Out

Feeling distressed? Do you want to find a way to release your dread? Aardman Animations’ Dad N me is your way out of stress! This game will surely let you fulfill your brutal fantasies to people. But do not worry, they’re only virtual people. You will play as a son who will follow the footsteps of your rage father. Be as aggressive, be as fury and be as violent as you want! Furthermore, it is not just a game where you can knock people out.


The challenge here is, just like any other video games, you have a life to maintain. Encounter different types of people on the street in this outrageous game. Your goal is to eliminate every person you will see.
But be careful, there are people who will really fight you back, which can cause damage to your life. Since you can’t be outrageous in the real world, Dad N Me is the alternative.


Gears of War 4

Microsoft has released a new story trailer for Gears of War 4.

The new video entitled ‘Tomorrow’ gives gamers their first glimpse of the frightful new threat that humanity will be facing in the upcoming sequel.

At the conclusion of Gears of War 3, Marcus Fenix wondered what tomorrow would bring. What a world without war would look like. This is the story of two tomorrows – the one Marcus envisioned, and the one 25 years later, where all hope is shattered as a new nightmare is reborn.


Tomorrow’ also features the dulcet tones of Darren Draiman (WAHAHAHA!) and Disturbed covering Simon & Garfunkles ‘The Sound of Silence’, giving the trailer a nice call back to the first chilling trailers for the original Gears which featured Gary Jules cover of Madworld.

Microsoft also announced that there would be a new multiplayer beta for everyone with a copy of Gears of War Ultimate Edition. But you guys wouldn’t be interested in that, since MP is for angry teenagers and obnoxious neck beards! /s


Gear of War 4 is currently scheduled for release on October 11 exclusively for Xbox One.

What do you think of Disturbed’s cover? Ever thought you’d see Marcus Fenix planting trees?

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Ryse is a gorgeous and gruesome surprise. The game is undoubtedly beautiful, as we’d expect from Crytek. But unexpectedly, the story that Crytek have created is actually entertaining. The campaign missions are fairly linear, it has to be said, but the tale of honour and vengeance keeps you thoroughly entertained.


You play as an honourable soldier fighting to avenge his family and protect Rome. Ryse is a third person hack and slash game with finishing moves and the ability to level up your character. The combat is fun, but it is unfortunately quite simple; you fight enemies with a limited choice of sword attacks and guard-breaking shield attacks. You can defend yourself by blocking incoming attacks with A, and you can dodge with the roll button B. As your opponent weakens, a symbol will appear above his head which indicates that you can perform an execution. The game will then enter slow motion and the enemy will light up in different colours which correspond with the buttons on your controller. The executions are especially brutal but they take some skill to execute correctly. If you mess up, don’t worry. You will still complete the move, but you just won’t get as many points to level up your character. You get the opportunity to be utterly gruesome, but that’s not all the executions are for. There are four different bonuses you can obtain from an execution with the D-Pad. You can boost your damage, making chains of kills easier. You can heal yourself, which is extremely useful in a single player campaign without potions or any other health items. You can also choose to boost your focus level, giving you a chance to use your focus power more frequently to slow your enemies. Finally, you can set it to increase the amount of XP you gain and spend that on new executions and more upgrades.


In the first few chapters of the game you may find yourself button mashing, but you’ll learn that this can’t be done if you want to gain rewards. You’ll benefit from timing your taps to reach the perfect hit ranks. Doing this will boost damage to your opponent and you’ll find that combat flows a lot better. You’ll also gain more XP if you time your moves correctly. XP comes in the form of Valor in the campaign. You can use this XP to upgrade your character. You can choose to upgrade their health, their focus gauge, and more. You can also use gold to do this, and you obtain this as a reward for playing in the Colosseum.

The campaign is short, unfortunately being around six hours long. However, the storyline and the stunning environments are enough to keep you entertained throughout the short duration of the game. The sword fighting does begin to feel repetitive, but thankfully it is broken up by thrilling scenes where you find you and your army advancing in a tortoiseshell formation, blocking fire arrows and throwing spears back at your enemies.

So what can you do after you’ve quickly finished the small campaign? Well, you can try and endure a gruelling replay on the unlocked Legendary Difficulty, or you can try out the Gladiator Mode. This is wave-based two-player co-op fighting mode, located in a Coliseum. Deliver complete combos and executions, and the crowd will be happy, but if you dodge roll around, not stabbing people, the crowd will get fed up.


The combat in the arena is tougher, too – it feels like the timing windows for blocking an attack are smaller and there are way more enemies. There’s a single player option, but that’s infuriating. You have no partner to help you, and twice the amount of enemies surrounding you. Basically, you’re going to die, unless you’re an absolute legend at the game. You want a challenge? Try this.


The great thing about Ryse is that it leaves me wanting more. It is a firm basis for a new series and a breath of fresh air. Graphics and looks wise, the game is beautiful. It is a genuine and successful representation of what the Xbox One is capable of visually. However, the game is fairly shallow, and needs more development on the story. But I guess that’s what we can expect with a brand new game, or the start of a new series. They are never perfect to begin with. Nonetheless, Ryse is an enthralling and satisfying experience.


Perhaps the only thing worse than a new IP that is hyped and turns out to be a dud (we’re looking at you, Aliens: Colonial Marines) is one that promises to be fantastic, actually is pretty good, and then gets unjustly panned.

Such is the case with Knack, a lively, innovative and engaging game, that brims with good ideas and exciting potential and is actually fun to play, at least most of the time. Alas, the PS4 launch title has not been kindly treated by the majority of the gaming press, presumably because it isn’t The Last of Us or the next entry in the Call of Duty franchise.

War and deception

You play as a robotic/golem creature, called Knack, that can absorb relics and increase and decrease in size, strength, and in time, abilities as well. Knack is initially pressed into service to help quell a goblin invasion; however the story takes a more complex twist, centering around the mystery of the valuable relics which Knack can absorb and the nefarious plans of another individual.

To its credit, the game moves quickly from one locale to another, throwing you into goblin villages, caves, secret laboratories, and into ruins that reminded us of Aztec structures. Also frequently changing is Knack himself, who at various points in the game absorbs more relics to become massive and formidably destructive, at others, he either loses his relics or has to use them to power up doors or machinery. In either case, his health responds accordingly – massive Knack can take significant damage before dying, whereas mini Knack has a correspondingly smaller health bar and is much more vulnerable.

This also affects players’ strategies as well – obviously when playing as smaller Knack players have to be more defensive, meticulously avoid traps and deal more efficiently with groups of enemies. In many ways, the game plays as a brawler-platformer; as Knack’s only weapons are his fists, with his moves being somewhat limited to punching, jumping on top of enemies and evading.


Hot and cold

To its credit, the game mixes things up from time to time, with Knack absorbing icicles to increase his size, becoming vulnerable to melting; or absorbing wood to do the same, but becoming susceptible to burning. Additionally, Knack briefly becomes a stealth version of himself, enabling him to pass unscathed through lasers. It is in the implementation of these kinds of ideas that the game really shows its potential, as they are fun to play and add welcome variety.

Admittedly, Knack is not a perfect game. There are one or two tedious levels, one in particular which threw tank after tank at us, and which we were glad to see the back of. Despite this, the game looks very good and Knack’s particle effects are terrific. The voice acting, and a rather engrossing, if a bit predictable, story, give the game heart.

Now, for those that argue that the game is too simplistic, we would counter that most new intellectual properties take a couple of titles to reach their stride, and not every new IP can be The Last of Us (review).

Furthermore, the criteria for a new IP should be whether it shows potential, and on that front, Knack certainly does. Should the game get a sequel – and we hope it does – we would love to see the developers implement a ‘Knack wheel’ of some sort , enabling us to switch between Fire Knack, Ice Knack, Stealth Knack and Regular Knack as well as some other variants, with different attacks and abilities for each.


Legally stoned

However, adding another dimension to the gameplay is the accumulation of Sunstones, which power up Knack’s special abilities. Filling up Sunstone batteries then enable Knack to unleash some satisfyingly devastating attacks; take care of the larger and multiple opponents more easily as well as wiping out foes from a distance.

Adding to the impetus to explore the world is the fact that players can smash open some walls to reveal treasure chests, each of which holds a constituent part of a gadget. Finding all the pieces, and then equipping the completed gadget gives Knack further advantages, such as an additional Sunstone battery, the ability to detect secret rooms, or the ability to slow down of time. Similarly, players can find and collect crystal relics scattered throughout the world, which also bestow bonuses, such as increasing the damage he can deal.


This could be big…really big

The further we played, the more the question: “How could anyone fail to enjoy this?” sprang to our lips. Indeed, to our mind, gaming is all about experiences that enable you to suspend disbelief and step into characters that likely wouldn’t be found in any other medium, and Knack certainly fulfilled this brief. The game has been compared, and rightly so, to the initial entries in the Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter franchises.

That comparison alone is enough to excite, as those games went from strength to strength and are still fondly remembered by their own legions of fans.

Is Knack the best game on the PS4 or the best new IP released? No. What it is though, is a fine game that well deserves a chance to grow and develop into its full potential.

Make And Sell Cars In Dream Cars!

In Dream Cars you are working in a car shop and you need to make cars! How amazing is that! If you are car lover, you will definitely enjoy this game! You will have some clients coming at your store. You need to attend them by giving them a catalog so they can choose a car. After they have chosen it, you start making it. You need to paint in on the color they want. When you finish the car you sell it and earn some cash.


You will have some guidelines through the game, so you will learn what you need to do very fast. You can also make your customer a coffee while he is waiting. Smiley will show you if your customer is patient or not. If you see a smiley then he is patient. If he isn’t you can make him a coffee and restore his smile. Click the URL and play it!

Rocket Pets

Rocket Pets is a flash game that features cute and adorable pets. This game will surely be a hit among kids especially those who have pets at home.


There are two good things about having a pet or pets at home. One is because there will be a companion whenever you feel alone or sad. Second is because of the fact that a pet is a stress reliever especially those who have busy schedules.


The game proper and details can be found on the next paragraph so make sure that you completely read the whole content of this article. The objective in this game is to launch the adorable pets as high and as far as possible to earn big points. There will be traps and dead ends on air and on land which the pets have to avoid using their jet packs. The money that you will be able to earn from guiding and launching the pets can be used in upgrading the jetpacks for better performances.

Civiballs 4

If there is one element that is usually incorporated in different entertainment mediums, it would be the ball. Three factors are stated which satisfy the first statement in this article. One is the entertainment factor that it has which makes players atrracted and hooked even more with the flash game.


Second factor is the familiarity that most people have with balls. Familiarity can translate to easier time to control and manipulate most part of the game when you know the main element or character in a basic way. Last factor is the flexibility in terms of purpose. It can be a good background, a character or tools. Civiballs 4 is a good example of a game that incorporates balls which is pretty obvious with the title.


This fourth installment from the series called Civiballs is a puzzle game that can be entertaining and challenging at the same time. The objective of this third installment from the successful and addictive game series called Civiballs is to place the colored balls in the proper vases with corresponding colors. Utilize the ropes by cutting it so it will swing and timingly place the balls in the vases. This game is a matter of timing and trajectory to survive each level. If you want to experience the fun that this game is bringing, just click this over here now

Dino Shift 2

If you are looking for a game to play while killing time, try to play Dino Shift 2. It is a fun game to play where you will help the little Dino collect the required number of blocks and reach his portal.

Dino Shift 2

You will find the number of blocks required at the upper left corner of the screen.


here are three kinds of blocks: pink, green and blue. To get them, press the corresponding letters where Letter Z is for green, Letter X for blue and Letter C for pink. Time is limitless but the Little Dino must have collected the blocks before going to his portal for the portal will not work if he has not collected the required number of blocks. There are obstacles too along the way. The little Dino must avoid stepping or falling on the spikes. When he meets some creatures, he must step on them.