Civiballs 4

If there is one element that is usually incorporated in different entertainment mediums, it would be the ball. Three factors are stated which satisfy the first statement in this article. One is the entertainment factor that it has which makes players atrracted and hooked even more with the flash game.


Second factor is the familiarity that most people have with balls. Familiarity can translate to easier time to control and manipulate most part of the game when you know the main element or character in a basic way. Last factor is the flexibility in terms of purpose. It can be a good background, a character or tools. Civiballs 4 is a good example of a game that incorporates balls which is pretty obvious with the title.


This fourth installment from the series called Civiballs is a puzzle game that can be entertaining and challenging at the same time. The objective of this third installment from the successful and addictive game series called Civiballs is to place the colored balls in the proper vases with corresponding colors. Utilize the ropes by cutting it so it will swing and timingly place the balls in the vases. This game is a matter of timing and trajectory to survive each level. If you want to experience the fun that this game is bringing, just click this over here now


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