STD Mobile.

Around October last year, we have introduced to the game Combat Shooter readers VR – virtual reality FPS game developed by Team Horus. But just as the pictures, clips recorded the experience quite rudimentary test version, but the game has attracted a large interest from the Vietnamese gaming community. In response to this grave love, Hourus Team has decided to launch a mobile version of Combat Shooter ago and named STD Mobile.


In fact, STD Mobile is not really perfect but still enough for gamers to participate in the experiment. Therefore, the development team decided the game allows players to download APK files of the game. Through this period, the group will receive the opinion of the player and fix the errors affect the experience.


A bit of information for interested readers, STD Mobile’s Android platform 3D game genre shooter themed MMOFPS modern warfare gameplay inherited traits in traditional shooter like Counter Strike and CrossFire. Game brought in the most attractive elements of this series with more competition mechanism and the diverse types of firearms. To optimize gameplay for mobile touch, the main activities are displayed as icons and distributed evenly across the screen. Thus, players can combine the flexibility of sight, shoot, jump, move or replace bullets through simple touch operation.


In order to bring the players the familiar elements and close, you will have the opportunity to fight in the map legend as Italy, Dust, Crossroad Death … Not only that, players can also page are different kinds of weapons from pistols, rifles, sniper rifles to grenades.


Compared with similar products, but no STD Mobile was the highlight but still bring in their own elements to par. However, the game is still in the testing process to make sure the official version will be upgraded Team Hourus more interesting things.

The more naked you can take some other games:

Onion Force

In Game GOnion Force, players will enter the role of a hero to rescue the king escape the hands of the evil cabal. Accordingly, gamers can choose for themselves one of the 3 main characters are Bowman, Warrior and Wizard to face with hundreds of monsters are attacking her poised and most essential task is to use traps and your towers wisely as possible. Besides, players also need to make a reasonable tactic to destroy all the monsters and protect yourself.

Tower defense system in Game Onion Force is divided into several categories, this is also a decisive factor one’s own tactics. However, they remain classified in three major categories including instant damage, or damage over time effects. The arrangement should be calculated, in part because they require a relatively large amount of gold in the team as we always avoid “meningitis bag”.


Therefore, in addition to choosing the automatic defense towers to repel the monsters, players need to be very clever flat control their heroes in combat. Onion Force gives players 30 challenging levels extremely unique and challenging. Fortunately, the control mechanism in this mobile game is not too complicated with the joystick clearly displayed on the screen.


Game Onion Force but possesses only simple 2D graphics combined with fast-paced battles of thrilling and heated enough to bring the epic action, and a series of extremely beautiful magic, crystal vi to every move. Sound in the game is also appreciated for the negative effects of background music fascinating, a little fun to make the experience more exciting games ever.

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Game Empire

Download game empire to present themselves as a good strategy in the battle. This game is also fun games are very popular in the community on the PC. 8x and 9x the first generation will definitely like this game. Players can entertain after lunch break with games came very attractive, when you play in addition to the possible war with the top one there. There are going to beat the league with more Chinese people excited and nervous is not it. Along download games to join this fun game offline.


How to play this strategy game is extremely simple and you just get people to eat fruit, eat elephant Huoi then carried it up forever enough. When you reach the second life you can apply for occupation troops to other bases then. In the free game Empire players will be met prodigy sparrows away from sun and challenge him. But be careful because this is a prodigy of his Vietnam where it was not just decent shape.


Once you have a powerful army where you want to hit well long to have new troops. When phone gaming empire, there is little difference in the PC version then, when playing this game you can improve your intelligence by using many different tactics in a fight. In addition to training their thinking abilities, you should consult some games our free now offline!

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