STD Mobile.

Around October last year, we have introduced to the game Combat Shooter readers VR – virtual reality FPS game developed by Team Horus. But just as the pictures, clips recorded the experience quite rudimentary test version, but the game has attracted a large interest from the Vietnamese gaming community. In response to this grave love, Hourus Team has decided to launch a mobile version of Combat Shooter ago and named STD Mobile.


In fact, STD Mobile is not really perfect but still enough for gamers to participate in the experiment. Therefore, the development team decided the game allows players to download APK files of the game. Through this period, the group will receive the opinion of the player and fix the errors affect the experience.


A bit of information for interested readers, STD Mobile’s Android platform 3D game genre shooter themed MMOFPS modern warfare gameplay inherited traits in traditional shooter like Counter Strike and CrossFire. Game brought in the most attractive elements of this series with more competition mechanism and the diverse types of firearms. To optimize gameplay for mobile touch, the main activities are displayed as icons and distributed evenly across the screen. Thus, players can combine the flexibility of sight, shoot, jump, move or replace bullets through simple touch operation.


In order to bring the players the familiar elements and close, you will have the opportunity to fight in the map legend as Italy, Dust, Crossroad Death … Not only that, players can also page are different kinds of weapons from pistols, rifles, sniper rifles to grenades.


Compared with similar products, but no STD Mobile was the highlight but still bring in their own elements to par. However, the game is still in the testing process to make sure the official version will be upgraded Team Hourus more interesting things.

The more naked you can take some other games:

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